October 24, 2017

The Silent Auction

Once again, a highly popluar and fun part of the NMRA Convention is the slient auction.  Find deeply discounted merchandise, those missing parts you need to complete a modeling project or find some hidden treasures among the hundred and hundreds of items on the auction tables.  the auction will include a "Buy It Now" option for all items.

The Silent Auction will be open to accept items for sale from Sellers from 1:00pm on Sunday, July 30th until 7pm.  We will also accept items for sale on Monday, August 1st from 8am until 11:45am.and from 1:15pm until the Auction Room closes.  We will also accept items for sale on Tuesday August 2nd from 8am until 11:45am.  We will also offer an online Auction Item Registration option.  You will pay a lower commission fee if you decide to list your items prior to the convention.  Online Registration is the preferred registration option.

The Silent Action will open for Buyers to browse and bid from 9am to 9pm on Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday until 5pm.  The auction will be closed for lunch from 11:45am to 1:15pm every day and will be closed for dinner on Monday and Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm.

Buyers will also be able to browse the Auction Catalog online prior to the convention up until the Auction closes on Wednesday evening.  You'll be able to browse the Auction catalog by Scale, Item Category such as Steam Locomotive, Diesel Locomotive, Passenger Cars, Railroadiana/Collectables, DCC Decoders and Scenery Supplies and Road Names.

Please note the following rules for items placed in the Silent Auction

Seller Rules

  • To sell items in the Silent Auction, you must be registered for the NMRA 2017 Convention.
  • You may ship items to yourself prior to the convention.  Information on shipping will be available in Spring 2017.  You may not ship items to the NMRA or the Convention Host Committee.  They will be returned to sender.
  • Items sold through the Silent Auction must have a starting bid of $3.00.  Items with a lower starting bid will not be accepted.
  • If you have small or low cost items please package them to be sold with a $3 minimum bid.
  • You may indicate a "Buy It Now" price on any auction item.
  • Reserve Prices are permitted on auction items.
  • All items sold at the auction are assessed a sellers premium (fee) deducted from the final selling price.
  • Sellers Settlement will begin on Friday, August 4th at 9am and close at 3pm on the same day.  Settlement will be closed for lunch between 11:45am and 1:15pm.
  • Any unsold items not picked up by 4pm on Friday, August 4th will be considered donated to either the National Model Railroad Association or Sunshine Region.

Buyer Rules

  • Bid increases will be in one dollar ($1) increments.
  • The winning bidder is the last legibly written Convention Registration ID, seller name and final bid amount on the bid sheet at the close of the auction on Wednesday August 2nd at 7:00PM.  If the Auction Committee cannot come up with a consensus of the number that is written the bid will be awarded to the next legible bid.
  • Winning Bidders will be posted Thursday morning August 3rd.
  • Buyers Settlement will begin on Thursday, August 3rd at 9am and close at 7pm on the same day.  Settlement will be closed for lunch between 11:45am and 1:15pm.
  • The Auction Committee will Visa, Master Card and Discover.  We will also accept cash with two forms of ID, one of which must be government issued photo ID.
The Silent Auction Frequently Asked Questions

Silent Auction Frequently Asked Questions

What should I sell?

Use your imagination! Have you changed your modeling scale? Do you have kits you know you're never going to buid?  Did you decide to update the era your layout represents and you don't need those steam locomotives any longer? All those model railroad items you no longer need are perfect to sell in the slient auction.

Is my seller's fee tax-deductible?

No, your fee is for a service provided by the Convention Host Committee and is normally below fair market value for similar services in the "for profit" sector

Is the auction limited to only model railroading items?

No, you may also sell items such as railroad memorabila and general modeling supplies.  

Can I ship my auction items to the convention?

In early 2017 we will announce the preferred shipping provider to the 2017 NMRA Convention.  You will be able to ship items through the preferred shipping provider.  Note there may be a cost for this service charged by the shipping company.