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October 24, 2017
Layouts on Tour

Do these layouts look familiar?



They should!  If you receive the NMRA Calendar, or receive Model Railroader Magazine, these layouts have graced the cover of those publications in recent years.  When you come to Orlando in 2017, youre going to see some of the finest modeling to be found anywhere in the US.

We have more than a dozen layout tours featuring the outstanding modeling of our modelers.  We even have a tour titled "The NMRA Calendar Pinup Tour" featuring modeling which has graced the cover of the NMRA Calendar in 4 out of the last 5 years.  You'll see modeling by Gail Komar, MMR, Jim Gore, MMR, John Wilkes, MMR and Sundance Central.

In addition you'll have access to more than 65 layouts which will excite, tantalize and tease your modeling senses.  You're sure to go home motivated to do your own great modeling.

The layouts take a bit to load due to the high resolution of some of the photographs.
They will load in a few seconds

Layouts on Tour