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October 24, 2017
Getting to Orlando

Getting to Orlando

By Land

When Walt Disney was looking for the location of his new Theme Park complex, Disneyworld, he selected Orlando because it was centrally located along I-4 (between Daytona and Tampa) and along the Florida Turnpike.  Orlando is easily accessed from the Northeast via I-95 to I-4 in Daytona.  If you're in the Midwest, I-75 connects with The Florida Turnpike in Wildwood.  Cincinnati is about a 14 hour drive and Washington DC is about a 12 hour drive.

If you drive to Florida, be sure to stop at a Florida welcome center when you enter the state for a complimentary glass of sunshine, Florida Orange Juice, the best Orange Juice in the world.

By Air

So you're considering taking one of those new fangled contraptions, an air plane to Orlando.  We hear they'll be the death of the railroads but only time will tell.  You're in luck though, Orlando has a major airport, Orlando International Airport.  It's one of the country's best and every major airline serves Orlando. 

United Airlines is the official air carrier of NMRA 2017 Orlando.  They are offering up to a 10% discount on their fares.  The discount varies by the fare type or ticket type you purchase.  Enter the Z Code: ZX2A727566.  You must book your tickets online using this website:

Since Orlando is one of the most travelled to cities, air fares are fiercely compeitive.  Currently 36 other airlines fly to Orlando.

And Of Course, By Rail

So you prefer to travel in style & luxury and ride the rails (just pretend Amtrak is really a railroad from it's Golden Age, OK?).  Amtrak serves Orlando with two trains daily out of Boston/New York/Washington DC, the Silver Meteor and The Silver Star.  Both trains offer first class accomodations, coach seating, several on board dining options and two convenient arrivals in Orlando.

Amtrak offers a 10% discount off the best available rail fare to Orlando, FL between July 24, 2017 – August 11, 2017.  To book your reservation call Amtrak at 1 (800) 872-7245 or contact your local travel agent.

Conventions cannot be booked via Internet.  Please be sure to refer to Convention Fare Code X72C-957 when making your reservation.  This offer is not valid on the Auto Train and Acela Service.  Fare is valid on Amtrak Regional for all departures seven days a week, except for holiday blackouts.  Offer valid with Sleepers, Business Class or First Class seats with payment of the full applicable accommodation charges.

But you're thinking "I want a car with me!"  OK, Amtrak can take care of that as well.  If you're anywhere in the Northeast, consider Amtrak's Auto Train.  Drive your car to Lorton, VA, about 20 min south of DC (yeah, we know what DC traffic can be like) and hand your keys to Amtrak and board the Autotrain.  It departs daily at 4pm (both ways) and arrives at 9am in the morning in Sanford, FL.  Sanford is about a 40 minute drive from the convention hotel straight down I-4.  The Autotrain offers coach and first class service and includes a full dinner and a continental breakfast for all passengers.  There's also a wine tasting when the train departs.

Airport Transfers, Car Rentals and Getting Around

So you decided to take Amtrak or fly to Orlando.  How do you get around or in the least, get to the convention hotel?

Every car rental company is in Orlando and like airfares, rates are extremely compeitive.  You'll find the some of the lowest car rental rates in Florida.  Rates can be found as low as $24.95 a day and less than $150 per week.

If you don't want or need a car, Mears Transportation is the largest transportation services provider in Orlando.  Theyy offer very reasonable rates from the airport and train station to anywhere in Central Florida.  You can find out more and book a reservation on the Mears website by clicking here